With vaccine eligibility expanded to everyone over the age of 16, faculty and staff from across Rutgers share their reasons for getting vaccinated and their hopes for returning to a vibrant campus community.  To read the full story.


Jonathan Holloway

President, Rutgers University

There is nothing more important or effective for flattening the COVID-19 curve than getting a vaccine. Getting vaccinated is a matter of personal protection and is a public responsibility. And it is a requirement for all Rutgers students enrolling for the fall semester.

Vaccination is the path back to vibrant campus life at Rutgers. In addition to wanting to help protect my family and community from the virus, I got vaccinated so I can finally greet students, faculty and staff members face to face on active and humming campuses.

Vaccine availability is increasing almost daily, the shot was painless and the benefits are immeasurable. I’m glad that I’ve been vaccinated, and I urge everyone in the Rutgers community to get vaccinated as soon as they possibly can.