Promoting STEM in High School and Earlier

NEW – PHocus – Summer Experience, Grades 9-12 | Rutgers School of Public Health: An interdisciplinary educational program organized by the Rutgers School of Public Health for high school students in grades 9-12. Students will explore population health and learn the fundamentals of epidemiology, the basic science of public health.

NEWPHOENIX (Population Health Outreach and Education for Next generation Impact and eXcellence): A free five-day crash course for high school students/would-be health care professionals from across Central New Jersey, with the aim of introducing the students to the health professions, population health, and community service.

BIO Links Program: BIO Links is a teaching K-12 outreach program which allows graduate students and postdocs the opportunity to volunteer in local public schools.  BIO Links volunteers are paired with a science teacher from a local school and make a commitment to visit one class per week for nine weeks.

The NJ Governors STEM Scholar Program: A public-private partnership between the Research & Development Council of New Jersey and New Jersey government entities, the NJ Governors STEM Scholar Program brings together a diverse and representative group of high school and post-secondary student leaders who are interested in pursuing a STEM-related major and career. This program designs and delivers research career development opportunities to high school students through early career basic, translational and clinical scientists.