Having allergic asthma feels like you’re always trying to hide from an invisible attacker. Pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other triggers can come out of nowhere, setting off an asthma attack that (literally) leaves you breathless. Luckily, working with your doctor to find the best allergic asthma treatment for you can be a huge help. There’s a wide range of medications to choose from, so if one isn’t a great fit, you can keep trying other options until you identify one that does. But what does that process really look like? First, it’s helpful to understand what allergic asthma actually is, so you have a better idea about how triggers can play a role in your symptoms. Ahead, experts break down the basics of the condition, including a deep dive into the various allergic asthma treatments that can offer relief when you need it the most. To read the full story.