Christos Suriano, a postdoctoral researcher in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute (PNI), was awarded a prestigious TL1 fellowship from the New Jersey Alliance for Clinical and Translational Science (NJ ACTS).

Suriano, who works in the lab of Lisa Boulanger, associate professor of neuroscience, will explore ways to make gene therapy safer and more effective. He joins PNI postdoc Camden MacDowell and five other Princeton Fellows who, through the TL1 program, are enhancing their knowledge, skills and abilities to conduct translational team research across disciplines.

NJ ACTS is a multi-institutional endeavor between New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers University and Princeton University. The collaboration began in 2019 and is supported by a $29 million grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) that helps investigators translate basic research into innovations that can benefit patients and have a positive impact on public health. To read the full story.