Her path into nursing was almost preordained. For Curstine Guevarra, it’s been a calling since childhood. “My parents are nurses. My aunts. My uncles. Their spouses. And everyone else basically related to us are nurses — even my cousins,” the 22-year-old Westwood woman said. In May, Guevarra will graduate from Rutgers School of Nursing in hopes of entering critical care. She wants to be in the intensive care unit, tending to patients at their bedside. If she gets her wish, she will be in the thick of it, where alarms constantly beep and nurses rush from one critical patient to another, where 12-hour shifts are routine and the hardest medical battles are often fought — whether they involve accident victims, cardiac patients or COVID-19 cases. Hospitals are counting on new recruits like Guevarra. But will they be enough? To read the full story.