nj acts logoPlease read Dr. Gohel’s article in Current Genomics titled, “Machine Learning in Healthcare.”

Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technol-ogy have brought on substantial strides in predicting and identifying health emergencies, disease populations, and disease state and immune response, amongst a few. Although, skepticism remains regarding the practical application and interpretation of results from ML-based approaches in healthcare settings, the inclusion of these approaches is increasing at a rapid pace. Here we provide a brief overview of machine learning-based approaches and learning algorithms including super -vised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning along with examples. Second, we discuss the appli-cation of ML in several healthcare fields, including radiology, genetics, electronic health records, and neuroimaging. We also briefly discuss the risks and challenges of ML application to healthcare such as system privacy and ethical concerns and provide suggestions for future applications. To read the full article.

Machine Learning in Healthcare. Habehh H and Gohel S. Current Genomics, 2021 Vol. 22(4), p.291-300. DOI:2174/1389202922666210705124359