nj acts logoPlease read Dr. Blaser’s article in Cancer Cell titled, “Tumor microbiome links cellular programs and immunity in pancreatic cancer.”

The microbiome contributes to human health and disease, including oncogenesis. Although it is uncertain whether the healthy pancreas harbors its own microbiome, emerging evidence indicates that bacteria and fungi can translocate to the pancreas and induce local and systemic changes that promote development of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA). Microbiota products alter gene regulation and lead to DNA damage, stimulate pattern recognition receptors that potentiate mutant KRAS signaling, and can induce inflammation and immunosuppression. The microbiota in PDA may also confer resistance to therapies, including deactivating gemcitabine via microbial cytidine deaminase, and antibiotic-induced reduction of the gut microbiome may increase sensitivity to immune checkpoint inhibitors.  To read the full article.

Tumor microbiome links cellular programs and immunity in pancreatic cancer.  B. Ghaddar, A. Biswas, C. Harris, M.B. Omary, D. R. Carpizo, M.J. Blaser, S. De. Cancer Cell. Volume 40, Issue 10, 10 October 2022, Pages 1240-1253.e5 PMID: 36220074 PMCID: PMC9556978 DOI: 1016/j.ccell.2022.09.009