People who think they know a lot about COVID-19 vaccines are more likely to hold vaccine misperceptions, according to a new survey from a nationwide coalition of university-based researchers. The study found 37 percent of Americans who believe multiple false claims thought they were very knowledgeable about vaccines, compared to 16 percent of those who held no misperceptions. Among those who claimed to have expert knowledge (2 percent) about vaccines, 48 percent believed false claims compared to 16 percent who said they knew nothing. In the survey by the COVID States Project, researchers examined the shifts in vaccine misperceptions across different groups over time. Americans were asked to mark four popular vaccine misinformation claims as true, false or “not sure.” The false statements included that COVID-19 vaccines alter people’s DNA, contain microchips that can track people, contain lung tissue from aborted fetuses and can cause infertility. To read the full story.