The National Academy of Medicine is pleased to announce the creation of the David and Beatrix Hamburg Award for Advances in Biomedical Research and Clinical Medicine.The award is named for David Hamburg, who was President of the Institute of Medicine from 1975-1980, and Beatrix Hamburg, NAM member and expert in child and adolescent behavioral health, and will honor an exceptional biomedical research discovery, translation, or public health intervention by one or more scientists that has fundamentally enriched the understanding of biology and disease, leading to a significant improvement in human health and social well-being and a reduction in global health inequities. This award is specifically intended to celebrate and amplify biomedical advances that may result from collaborations among scientists specializing in one of the many life science disciplines, engineering, computer science, and the behavioral and social sciences.

The award will open for its first round of applications in January 2022, and the first awardee will be named at the NAM’s annual meeting in October 2022.

Submissions that are interdisciplinary or collaborative in nature will be especially encouraged.  Learn More!