High Performance Computing

Rutgers Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC) provides strategic leadership in advancing Rutgers University’s research and scholarly achievements through advanced research computing (HPC), data science, and advanced networking in partnership with the Office of Research, the Office of Information Technology, and the academic and research communities across all campuses.

OARC Services

OARC Resources

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For all levels of assistance, please contact us at help@oarc.rutgers.edu. The entire OARC support team will see your message and the team members who are best suited to help will respond.

For access to OARC Systems

To request access to any of the research computing resources facilitated by OARC, please complete and submit the following form.  For additional help with accessing resources, please email: help@oarc.rutgers.edu

Contact:data room storage

James Barr von Oehsen
Associate Vice President of the Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC)
Email: barr.vonoehsen@rutgers.edu

Kristin Lepping
Director, Office of Advanced Research Computing (OARC)
Office: (848) 445-5140
Email: klepping@rutgers.edu

Galen Collier
Director, Research Support
Email: gc563@oarc.rutgers.edu

Janae Baker, Senior Program Coordinator
Office: (848) 445-5231
Email: janae.baker@rutgers.edu

To contact the Office of Advanced Research Computing with questions or requests for additional information, please call or email.