RITMS Publications

Read Dr. Jude et al. article Formaldehyde induces Rho-associated kinase activity to evoke airway hyperresponsiveness.

Read Dr. Koziol-White et al. article Inhibition of Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase (PI3K) promotes dilation of human small airways in a Rho kinase-dependent manner.

Read Drs. Cao & Panettieri's article Glucocorticoid and TNF signaling converge at A20 (TNFAIP3) to repress airway smooth muscle cytokine expression.

Read Dr. Panettieri's article An inflammation-independent contraction mechanophenotype of airway smooth muscle in asthma.

Read Drs. Koziol-White, Jude et al. article An epithelial-smooth muscle paracrine pathway that induces asthma through ectopic expression of neuropeptide-Y.


Read Drs. Koziol-White & Panettieri's article Soluble guanylate cyclase as an alternative target for bronchodilator therapy in asthma.

Read Dr. Panettieri's article MicroRNA mediated chemokine responses in human airway smooth muscle cells.

Read Drs. Koziol-White & Panettieri's article Interdicting Gq Activation in Airway Disease by Receptor-Dependent and Receptor-Independent Mechanisms.